Languages are tools for communicating, and the general method CBCE follows is the Communicative Approach. This means that the foreign language is the only language used in the classroom and our qualified teachers design activities to encourage students to communicate freely with each other.

A class may typically include: listening work, to help students with the other side of communication; vocabulary work, so that our students are not lost for words; we also watch films and DVDs so that students can see the language in context; we do reading activities to help our students cope when faced with business reports, a web page, a newspaper... Writing activities are important too, and of course grammar - but all done in an enjoyable, productive class where speaking is indeed king! Should you have a specific activity you need to practise, please tell your teacher - if it fits with the class or group, then we'll do it!


As we don't stick faithfully to just one methodology, the teachers plans may seem a little odd to you, but your teacher has a sound motive for each activity and will be happy to explain his/her reasons.

You will often be asked to work in pairs or groups in the class, and this is fundamental to your progress. You need to make a great effort to SPEAK IN SPANISH, even when dealing with grammatical aspects.

Your teacher may correct your mistakes, when the focus of the activity is on "correct production", and will as often give you the chance to express yourself freely without interruption when the focus is on "fluency".


Your teacher's role is to ensure the course gives you the opportunity to succeed in Spanish. But no one can learn for you. Your success depends on YOU and the effort you make, both in class and outside.

As well as attending classes, you can make use of material to help you in your learning. There is a wide selection of graded readers, grammars, and so on. Some of these books can be taken away so you can practise in the comfort or your own home, including selecting from the wide range of films available for students. If you need help in choosing materials for your level, your teacher can help you.

It's very important that you regularly attend the classes. Should you be unable to come to a class, contact a class mate to find out what you've missed and to check what homework was given.

You will be given tests periodically to test your progress.